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Destination Australia

Why Travel australia?

A holiday in Australia will fill your spirit with memories to last a lifetime, while invigorating the five senses like you’ve never experienced.

From sailing turquoise seas and relaxing on white sand to discovering the diverse wildlife that cover this incredible land – Australia is the place for adventure.

Whether it’s whale-watching or dolphin-feeding you’re after, or meeting a shy platypus and cuddling a koala, or holding out a handful of seeds for chatty, boldly feathered birds to enjoy – there’s an animal encounter for you.

Here’s some inspiration for the wonderful wildlife experiences that you can have in the lucky country. Find out more at

Australian Adventures by Bicycle

Follow Lee and Sarah’s adventure and their travel tips for cycling in Australia with Britz campervans.

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Secret Adventures

​For many people, a holiday is a quest for adventure – a chance to explore unfamiliar territory, try something new, and perhaps test some personal limits along the way. This needn't mean climbing Mt Everest or swimming the Amazon. Opportunities for inspiring and achievable experiences will often take you by surprise.

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Australian Wildlife Encounters

Australia is a land of extremes with wildlife to match – its creatures run the gamut from furry to ferocious, little to leviathan. Fortunately, most are easy to see in their natural environment, although you might like to keep a respectable distance from some of them…

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Top National Parks

​It is no mistake that millions of tourists visit Australian shores each year. With unrivalled scenery, unique wildlife and some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, there is an endless supply of things to see and do. Visitors and locals alike fall in love with our rugged mountain ranges, lush wild rainforests and jaw-dropping natural and manmade attractions.
If you're looking to explore our great outdoors, we've put together a collection of the best National Parks in Australia to give you a head start in planning your next itinerary.

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Australian adventures

​Australia is massive. It's a huge continent filled with mountains, deserts, rainforests, beaches, thick bush, islands, salt lakes, rivers and waterholes. Across all these environments there is adventure waiting for you, the key is knowing where to go and what to do. It's nearly impossible to see and explore it all so we've compiled a list of adventures you can't miss. Take a look, it's worthwhile trying to fit as many of these experiences into your trip as possible.

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Selimsraasta's Top 5 Reasons to Go By Camper

​Samiya and her family travelled in a Britz campervan for 30 days along the coast of Australia. Somewhere between the 7,500 kms the family of four travelled, they connected with Australia and each other on a deeper level than they ever thought possible. 

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How To Spot Whales From the Comfort of Your Bed

Nicola and Saxon (aka Rat and Dragon) demonstrate that for a truly memorable whale-watching experience, nothing beats parking up by the coast and checking out humpback whales from your comfy campervan bed.​​

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