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 Top 10 reasons to camp in Australia​

This summer be inspired to add a camping adventure to your plans. With lots great places to explore, here's our list of why you should go camping:

1.It's good for your soul.

There is no doubt, camping is good for your soul. Enjoy a digital detox, connect with nature and those around you and forget about your worries. Meditate at the top of a mountain, do yoga on the beach, go fishing or ride your bike around a national park. Clear your head, brush off the cobwebs and prepare to come home a different person!  



2.  Connect with nature.

Wake up to the sound of the Kookaburra's laughing and go to sleep with the cicada's chirping around you. Camping allows you to connect with nature in a way you can't when staying in a hotel. Your tent will be pitched under a big tree, and you'll enjoy flawless views you don't have to share with anyone else. 



3.Sleep under the stars

Warm balmy summer nights are best shared with a good friend, laying on the grass, gazing up at an interrupted star-filled sky. If you're lucky you may spot a shooting star. Watch satellites roam slowly through the universe and smile quietly to yourself, in the knowledge there is nowhere else you'd rather be. ​



4.Make Friends

Strike up a conversation with the people next to you, find out their favourite fishing spots, where the best place was for a picnic, the best way to pitch your tent or just chill out with a few beers and chat late into the evening. The camping community is a united one, and it's not often you'll walk away without a new mate or two.




5.Catch your own dinner

Nothing makes a man feel more masculine than being able to provide for his friends and family. Give him a fishing rod and send him off to the closest body of water and he's bound to come back with a big smile and something delicious to cook up for dinner!





Cook up your fresh catch on your portable Barbie, stoke the coals of a Webber, or BBQ directly into a camp-fire. There is no better sight, smell or taste than that of an Australian summer BBQ. Invite your new buddies over and wolf-down a hearty meal to fill your belly for the night.





Summer and camping go hand in hand. Intrinsic to your summer happiness will be pitching your tent, pulling up your camper or caravan, pulling up a comfy chair and whiling away those hot summer days, while you work on your tan. You'll have stories to tell for years to come.



8.Connect with your family/friends

With no distractions in sight, you'll create happy memories for the whole  family. When the kids are old and have moved out of home, they'll look back on their summer camping adventures with a smile. Take on an Australian tradition and challenge them to a game of beach cricket!




9.Beach Cricket

If you are Australian, you'll know these two words need no other explanation. If you're visiting Australia, you'll quickly learn the legendary Beach Cricket. Stop at a local sports-store and ask them for their best 'beach-cricket' gear and they'll help sort you out so you'll quickly be on your way to enjoying this legendary game every day of your holiday.




10.Uninterrupted views

You're sitting in a hotel, the air-con is clunking away next to you and you have nothing to look at except… the hotel next to you. This has happened to us all at one point on a holiday. On a camping holiday you chose your own view! Immerse yourself in your surroundings and wake up to enjoying your cup of tea on the beach or in the middle of a beautiful bush setting. There is no better 'room with a view' than the view from your campsite.



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