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Free Camping - Freedom Camping

Britz-camping-australia.jpgWant to enjoy your camping holiday away from crowds and really immerse yourself in the great outdoors? Freedom camping is a great way to do this. You can nestle yourself away next to a flowing river, overlooking a beach or in a stunning national park.

With freedom camping, you will wake up to uninterrupted views every day without having to share them with other tourists. A guaranteed adventure, you'll create unique memories of your Australian camping or campervan holiday.

It's important to note when camping this way to leave no trace. Dispose of waste properly – even if that means taking it with you, respect wildlife, be considerate of those around you, don't tip liquid waste (from washing dishes, etc..) into lakes and rivers, double check your camp-site before leaving and make sure you haven't left anything behind and always respect cultural heritage and historically significant sites.

If you are interested in freedom camping, it's a good idea to double check it's okay to stay there via the campermate app or checking on websites like Freecamping Australia.

Here's a few of our favourite spots to get you started:

Johanna Beach (Victoria)

8 kms off the Great Ocean Road, Johanna Beach Free Camping is nestled in behind just behind this popular surfing spot north-west of Cape Otway. Nestled in behind the sand-dunes there is access along an unsealed for four-wheel drives as well as a second entrance which is sealed and more suitable for campervans or those camping with a trailer.

Lake Elphinstone (Queensland)

Located in a prominent coal-mining area, visiting Elphinstone is like entering another world. The lake, popular with the locals, is best reached by four-wheel drive due to frequent pot-holes (it can still be reached by campervan, but caution should be taken when driving in the area). The lake is famed for aquatic activities like water skiing, boating and fishing.

Devils Marbles Campground (Northern Territory)

Wake up to a room with a view like no other. Located next to the famous Devils Marbles, this campground is easily accessed by sealed roads. 9kms north of a town where you can top up fuel and purchase supplies for your dinner, you can enjoy a campfire with other campers and gaze up at a star-filled sky like no other.

Sceale Bay Bush (South Australia)

Go to sleep nestled in a natural bushland right near the beach in the Sceale Bay Conservation Park. A protected area located along the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula. Nearby you can visit Murphy's Hay Stacks, Point Labatt Seal Colony, Baird By and Searcy Bay. Easy access, sealed roads, lead into Sceale Bay Bush Camping – making it ideal for vehicles of all sizes.

Cosy Corner (Tasmania)

Located along the southern end of the Bay of Fires Conservation area, Cosy Corner is a large campground near the coastline. The lagoon is scattered with boulders ranging from a typical grey colour to brilliant earthy reds. Cosy Corner is easily accessed by sealed roads or four-wheel drives with two access points.

Stockton Lake Recreation Area (Western Australia)

An old open-cut mine which is now filled with water, Stockton is an artificial lake with lots of picnic tables scattered throughout. With no designated camping sites, Stockton Lake has plenty of space for you to have the freedom to pick your own spot and bunk down for a few days. Suitable for all vehicle types.

Howlong Lions Park (New South Wales)

Forget "are we there yet", you'll be asking "How long to Howlong?" in no time. Located North east of Rutherglen, Howlong is a popular local destination.  With lots of shaded, grassy areas it's perfect for the family. Teach the kids to swim or fish along this stunning river. Easy access for all vehicles and a short walk into the Howlong Township, you'll be cranking up the BBQ in no time.

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