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On Arrival


Ready to start your Britz adventure? The team will be ready to welcome you when you get to the branch and get you on your way.

Picking up your vehicle at the depot normally takes about 20-30mins. Knowing that you will be keen to start your Britz adventure as soon as you can we have designed a few ways to help you get on your way sooner.

Vehicle Pick-up Procedure

On arrival our staff will be waiting to take you through your rental agreement and do all the legal stuff. Take a sneak​ peek at the Britz Rental Agreements before you get there.

Alternatively you can use our self check-in tool before you arrive.

You will have to show us your driver licence, translated in English, and let us take a swipe of your credit card so make sure you have these at the ready. Remember additional drivers are  subject to extra charges and we do need the licence details for every person planning to take a shot behind the wheel during the trip.

Once that's done you get to meet your new home on wheels and view your showthru DVD that gives you all the ins and outs of making the most of your campervan.​​​

In Vehicle Tablet

Help at every turn

All our campervans are fitted with an in-vehicle TomTom GPS tablet to help you at every stage of your campervan holiday. There are a number of different features, functions and information all designed to help you find your way around, discover what you’re looking for and provide answers to questions you might have.

So what does it do?

  • Navigation – get you from A to B and everywhere in between
  • Suggest activities and experiences near you that you can book directly off the tablet
  • Safe Driving videos
  • Operational ‘How to’ & troubleshooting videos
  • Enable a WIFI Hotspot
  • Locate useful things like campgrounds, dump stations, petrol stations,
  • LPG refill points via the Campermate app
  • Driver safety alerts reminding you about speed limits, harsh breaking and taking regular breaks as well as warnings about possible fires/storms. We want to help you have a safe experience on the road as well as those on the road around you. We have the ability to assist you on the road should anything go wrong – even if in remote parts of Australia.

Once at the branch for pick up, one of our Local Host crew will show you through your vehicle and explain a bit more about how the In-Vehicle tablet works. It’s a great addition to your overall holiday experience and we know you will find it useful!


​​Watch this to see how we are helping you at every point along your journey
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