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Meet the Safari Landcruiser - 5 Berth 4WD with Rooftop Tent

  • Images are indicative only. Actual campervans may vary. Layout cannot be requested.

  • Images are indicative only. Actual campervans may vary. Layout cannot be requested.

  • Images are indicative only. Actual campervans may vary. Layout cannot be requested.


Britz Safari Landcruiser


5 adults

The Vehicle

Experience Australia with Britz’s newest 4WD – under 6 months of age! And to ensure you have the ultimate 4WD experience, the rooftop tent, annexe and sleeping mats are all manufactured by Darche – the camping equipment experts.

Whether you’re getting up early to catch the magical sunrise, or travelling to your next unique destination – this is the 4WD for you.

The Safari Landcruiser is available out of Alice Springs, Brisbane, Broome, Cairns, Darwin and Perth from 15 April 2018 when the 4WD Season kicks off up north, until the 13 November 2018.

There are also limited vehicles available for one way rentals out of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney - check out our hot deals page for more information!

Please note, travelling to Fraser Island is not permitted.


Vehicle Specifications

Cooking & Entertaining

​Well thought out storage in the rear of the vehicle provides for food, water and general storage, including the latest in fridge/freezer technology as well as space for other outdoor equipment such as table and Darche camp chairs.

Fridge/Freezer (40 litres)
;#Portable butane stove;#
4 x butane canisters provided
Cutlery & cooking utensils
Pots & Pans
CD Player

Please Note

This vehicle has positioning for a total of two child restraints.
Two child seats (three years and under) can be fitted to the rear forward facing seat with an anchor point.
OR two booster seats (minimum four years of age) can be fitted to the rear seat with a lap-sash belt.

The type of restraint required for your child depends on their age​.
01 April 2017 - 31 March 2018 Child & Booster Seat Guide - Australia

01 April 2018 - 31 March 2019 Child & Booster Seat Guide - Australia


The Outback Safety Kit is included in the vehicle and contains an Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon (EPIRB), snatch strap with D shackles and a folding spade. An EPIRB when activated transmits an emergency distress signal which can be detected by Australian rescue authorities. A snatch strap is used to pull a vehicle from a bogged position with the aid of another vehicle. The D shackles secure the snatch strap to a rigid anchor point.

​​​For more information on the Safari Landcruiser click here​​.
These details and images are indicative of the vehicle that will be supplied under your booking. Actual vehicles may vary according to year of manufacture and availability but your vehicle will be suitable for the required number of persons and have equivalent or better specifications to those listed in this website. Vehicles cannot be requested by make, model, year of manufacture, features or specifications.

The Queensland Government has issued new restrictions relating to 4WD hire vehicles travelling to Fraser Island. This includes prohibiting luggage storage on the roof of the 4WD vehicle. If travelling to Fraser Island in the Safari 4WD all luggage must be safely secured inside the vehicle.

Please note: A current and full motor vehicle driver’s licence is required and must be produced upon vehicle collection.
Visiting us from overseas? If your license is in a language other than English, please ensure two things:
1. The license is appropriate for a full size motor vehicle (not restricted or learner)
2. It must be accompanied by an accredited English translation. An International Driving Permit may be acceptable as a translation if in English.

Extras & What you need to know

Extra hire items for your campervan

To make your camper experience complete make sure you are kitted out with anything extra you may need for your particular journey. For your convenience we have put together two simple add-on packs containing a great selection of extras you may require.

The Bundle $10 a day will have you sorted and connected with: ​

  • 1GB Wifi (per hire not per day)
  • baby booster or child seat(s) if required​
  • extra driver fees 
  • picnic table and chairs

Express Return Pack

  • $150 for 2WD non-toilet/shower models (returning to ALL locations)
  • $150 for 2WD toilet/shower models (returning to  ALL locations excl. Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney)
  • $250 for 2WD toilet/shower models (returning to Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney locations only)
  • $200 for 4WDs (ALL locations)

Allows for a hassle free end to your trip and includes all of these:

  • return empty your fuel tank and gas bottle,
  • drop your keys with Express Key Return (if purchased Liability Reduction option),
  • toilet and waste water emptying service if applicable (Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney drop-off only)

Check out our other extra hire options here. ​​​​​

  • Pick ups between 01 April 2017 & 31 March 2019
    • Liability Options

      Our variety of Liability Options can help make your journey that little bit more stress free and enjoyable, ensuring that you will have complete peace of mind with the knowledge that you are well looked after when you hire a Britz Campervan.

    • 01 April 2017 & 31 March 2019

      Liability​ Included
      basic cover​​​
      • Accident Liability of $5,000 for the HiTop & Voyager
      • Accident Liability of $7,500 for the Venturer, Venturer Plus, Explorer, Vista, Frontier
      • Accident Liability of $8,000 for the Safari 4WD & Outback 4WD
      • Deposit of $5,000/$7,500/$8,000 depending on vehicle (noted above) required
      • Hirer's credit card debited at pick up
      • A refundable credit card fee will apply for Visa and MasterCard (non-refundable for American Express)
      Highly recommended
      Liability Reduction Option $45/per day
      for 2WDs


      $49/per day
      for 4WDs

      reduce 2WD liability to NIL
      • Accident Liability of $0 for 2WDs
      • Accident Liability of $500 for 4WDs
      • NO deposit required for 2WDs
      • $500 deposit required for 4WDs
      • Simple credit card authority taken at pick up for 2WDs
      • 4WD hirer's credit card debited at pick up

      Maximum charge $2,250 for 2WDs and $2,450 for 4WDs

      4WD Max Cover $199/per rental

      extra peace of mind for 4WD travellers
      • Accident Liability of $0 for 4WDs
      • NO deposit required
      • Covers unlimited accidental damage to the overhead and underbody sections of the vehicle​
      • Covers towing and vehicle recovery costs from 4WD roads requiring permission from Britz to travel on
      • Upgrades to unlimited kilometres per day
      • Simple credit card authority taken at pick up

      Only available for the Safari 4WD & Outback 4WD when the Liability Reduction Option has also been purchased.

      Sizzle & Stay Connected Bundle $10 /per day

      buy together to save lots
      • Wifi 1GB (per hire not per day)​
      • Linen exchange
      • Picnic table + chairs
      • Extra driver fees​

      On request:

      • Child/booster seat, Portable fan heater

      When purchased with Liability Reduction Option:

      • Single vehicle rollover cover

      Maximum charge $500

      Express Return Pack $150/per rental for 2WDs,

      $200/per rental for 4WDs


      $250/per rental
      (for toilet/shower campers when returning to Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth)

      guarantee a hassle free end
      • Return with empty fuel tank
      • Return with empty gas bottle
      • Toilet and waste water emptying service*

      When purchased with Liability Reduction Option:

      • Express key return

      Note: Pricing will change on a monthly basis to accommodate fuel price fluctuations

      *Toilet and waste water emptying service is only available in Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth


    • The Bundle

      The Bundle is available for an extra $10 per day  (maximum $500 per rental) and covers costs associated with damage from a single vehicle roll-over. A single vehicle rollover is not covered unless you have purchased The Bundle (in addition to the Liability Reduction Option). The Bundle also includes 1GB WiFi (per hire not per day)​, Linen Exchange, Picnic table + chairs, Extra driver fees plus a Child/Booster seat and portable fan heater, on request.

      Please note, the Single Vehicle Rollover cover included in The Bundle is only available in conjunction with the purchase of the Liability Reduction Option. All other items in The Bundle are available whether you have purchased the Liability Reduction Option or not.

    • Terms explained

      What is Liability?
      Accident liability is the maximum dollar amount (cost) per accident the hirer is responsible for should there be an accident. This includes damage to the rental vehicle and any third party property. The Accident Liability that will apply can be reduced by selecting the Liability Reduction Option above.

      What is the Debited Deposit?
      The Liability Deposit is required as a deposit upon the collection of your vehicle. The Liability Deposit will be a full debit from the credit card supplied (all funds processed against your card). The dollar amount is determined by the Liability Reduction option selected as mentioned above.

      Is the Debited Deposit refundable?
      The Liability Deposit is fully refundable provided the vehicle is returned on time, to the correct location, undamaged. The credit card surcharge is also refunded provided the credit card used is Visa or MasterCard (non-refundable for American Express).

      Daily Rate Maximum Charge
      The maximum charge for any L​iability Reduction Option will be AU$2,250 for 2WDs and AU$2,450 for 4WDs.

    • Credit cards

      The Liability Deposit (plus any other credit card transactions) is subject to a 2% credit card surcharge for Visa and Mastercard and 2.86% for American Express in addition to the liability amount. This surcharge is refunded when the Liability Deposit is refunded for Visa and MasterCard holders.  For American Express the surcharge is not refunded when the Liability Deposit is refunded. Only the Customer's credit card is acceptable to use for the purpose of the Liability Deposit.
      Don't forget to check that your credit card has the funds available and that the amount does not exceed your daily withdrawal allowance.

    • Credit Card Authority

      When the Liability Reduction Option has been purchased for 2WDs, or, the Liability Reduction Option and 4WD Max Cover has been purchased for 4WDs, a credit card authority will be taken.  See rental agreement for more details.  
      There are exclusions to cover. Please refer to our rental agreement for more information.​

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