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4WD Options

Britz really is the expert when it comes to hiring 4WDs. And when it comes to 4WD activities, we know the experts!

Britz 4WD Tag-a-long Tours

To explore Australia’s wildest, untamed 4WD tracks, go with an experienced leader!

Tag-a-long tours offer the ability to get off the beaten track and experience true 4WD travelling like never before. Designed for adventurous travellers, they combine the freedom of driving a Britz 4WD, the shared experience of travelling with a group and the expertise of a professional guide, all whilst exploring some of the world’s greatest 4WD touring routes.

Ask us for a list of professional 4WD Tag-a-long tour companies, so you can contact them about their upcoming tour schedule.


4WD Training Courses

Want to make the most out of your Britz 4WD Adventurer? We can get you in touch with some of Australia's most reputable and professional off-road-trainers. Talk to us when you book your Britz.


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