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Outback & Safari Landcruiser deal

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4WD campers Book before: 25 Sep 2017 Travel: 10 Sep - 13 Nov 17
$49 pd
7 days*
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only $49 per day for 7 DAYS hire* for our 4WD Outback & 4WD Safari Landcruiser!

Now is the time to book your great 4WD adventure - for only $49/day​ for 7 days hire*  you can explore the rugged and beautiful outback of Australia with the 4WD Outback or 4WD Safari Landcruiser campers. 

*Min hire 7​ days. Early bird and long hire discounts do not apply. 

Book before: 25 September 2017

 See our suggested self-drive experiences here. ​​   
​ ​ $49 PER DAY (Min HIRE FOR 7​ DAYS) + No one way fee  ​​​$49 per day (MIN HIRE FOR 14 DAYS)  + NO ONE WAY FEE + NO Broome fee 
​​Travel locationsPerth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Cairns, Brisbane to Melbourne, Adelaide and SydneyBroome to Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney
Travel Period10 Sep - 13 Nov 2017
(must travel within these dates)
​10 Sep - 13 Nov 2017 ​
(must travel within these dates)
Campervan modelOutback 5 berth 4WD,
Safari Landcruiser 5 berth 4WD
Outback 5 berth 4WD,
Safari Landcruiser 5 berth 4WD
​Min/Max hire​*Min hire 7 Days/Max hire 14 days. Includes 4,500km for free (thereafter a charge of 50 cents per km will applies Long hire and Early bird discounts do not apply)​​*Min hire 14 days/Max hire 21 days. Includes 6,300km for free (thereafter a charge of 50 cents per km applies Long hire and Early bird discounts do not apply)
​Book before25 September 201725 September 2017

  • Book before 25 September 2017
  • Valid for travel 10 September 2017 to 13 November 2017 (must travel within these dates)​
  • Applicable campervan models: Outback 4WD and ​Safari Landcruiser 4WD
  • No One Way Fee will apply
  • Early Bird discounts and/or Long Hire discounts will not apply​
  • Offer is subject to availability at all times
  • Vehicles are subject to availability at all times
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with other special offers
  • Britz reserves the right to withdraw the offer from sale at any time
  • All other Britz Australia 1718 Terms and Conditions​ will apply​​.
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