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Indigenous Insider’s Guide to Bush Tucker Infographic

The traditional food of the ancient Australian Aboriginal culture is affectionately called ‘Bush Tucker’ or ‘Bushfood’. For the indigenous Australians, bush tucker was not just a source of sustenance, it was also the basis for their medicine and was used in local religious ceremonies.
Check out our “Indigenous Insider’s Guide to Bush Tucker” infographic.

We’ve got a few recipe ideas that you might like to try in your campervan kitchen and a helpful guide letting you know where you can experience and sample delicious bushfood in and around Australia with some of the country’s best Aboriginal tourism experiences.

Be a little bit daring and try a ‘witchetty grub’ that has a nutty flavour or take the less wild option and go for a ‘riberry’ – with a taste a bit like cloves it’s great for sauces, jams and syrups – you could whip something up for the barbie.

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Indigenous Champions competition:


To sample some of Australia’s best bush tucker as well as experience some of Australia’s best indigenous tours, jump on our Britz Facebook page for your chance to win a campervan holiday with your bestie.
In 25 words or less tell us: “What are you most proud of about your ancestral background?” Then tag your bestie in the post.

For terms and conditions on the Facebook competition, visit our terms and conditions page.

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