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What type of campervan traveller are you - Adventure Seekers

​If you scored mostly B’s on the Britz "What type of campervan traveler are you?" quiz, then strap yourself in because you crave a campervan holiday packed full of high octane, non-stop action.

Lucky for you, there are two action-packed Australian road trips ideal for an adventure seeker: The Great Tropical Drive in Far North Queensland or the Ningaloo to Shark Bay trek in Western Australia.

So bundle everything into the back of a Britz camper – don’t forget the snorkel – and let’s hit the road!

Locked & Loaded for the Great Tropical Drive
Powering through World Heritage-listed rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Tropical Drive is a sensational road trip for those thrill-seekers looking to experience Queensland’s tropical north.

Kick it off in Cairns with an epic morning skydive at 14,000 feet with Skydive Cairns. If aerial acrobatics is not your thing, then suit up and sink beneath the waves with a half-day snorkel tour of the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re brave enough, snap a selfie with a smiling barracuda or sea-turtle. The Reef’s unique marine life will no doubt capture your family’s imagination and spur their lust for adventure.

Now that your adrenalin juices flowing, it time to get wet and wild with some hardcore white-water rafting down the Tully River in the Daintree Rainforest. Downunder Tours have the aptly named Raging Thunder: Xtreme Tully Raft Adventure. This tour is made for adventure seekers and includes a full five hours of fast and frothing rapids complete with rock jumps. There is no more extreme way to see one of Australia’s most untouched eco-systems than with an oar, a lifejacket and a helmet.

Back on dry land, saddle up the camper and boom out your favourite tunes as you coast the four hour journey south to Townsville, taking a break along the way at Big or Little Crystal Creek for a swim. Alternatively, race along Lucinda’s sugar loading jetty – the longest in the southern hemisphere - before setting up camp for the night in Townsville.

The next day, scuba dive one of the world’s great wreck dives – the SS Yongala, before heading back up the coast to Mission Beach for some sun and surfing. Slam down some lunch and next visit the mystical Paronella Park, a Spanish castle hidden amongst the palms before closing out the action-packed weekend back in Cairns with an unforgettable thrill of a tandem parasail above the coast at sunset.

High-octane shenanigans on Shark Bay to Ningaloo Reef road trip
If you prefer Western Australia to Queensland then UNESCO World Heritage sites don’t come any more extreme than Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef. The nine-hour road trip between the two destinations will do nothing short of amaze those adventurers who crave a wild coast and open space.

Launch your weekend thrill-fest by swimming with the dolphins at Monkey Mia in Shark Bay. An encounter like no other on Earth, the experience will make kids and adults alike shout with joy as the dolphins frolic in the shallows around them.

Head up the Denham-Hamlin Road where you will find nature at its most ancient in the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites. Gaze in awe at these living fossils, who are among the oldest organisms on Earth, dating back around 3.5 billion years, before hitting the road again and driving north to Carnarvon while playing of your favourite family road trip games – try a hardcore game of ‘I Spy’ using only vowels!

Adventure seekers should look to catch some air time over the remote dunes of Coral Bay on the back of a rampaging quad bike or test your mettle against some of the ocean’s biggest fish, including Marlin and Wahoo, on board a game fishing charter. Camp the night at Carnarvon.

The next morning, head north to Ningaloo Reef. It is here that two simple words will send the excitement meter into overdrive for everyone involved: Whale Sharks. Every year from April to July, the world’s biggest fish congregate along the Ningaloo Reef and thrill-seekers will be able to spend the day snorkeling with these huge and majestic creatures.

For those adventurers who’d prefer a bird’s eye view of the region’s stunning turquoise waters, book a microlight flight. These tiny motorized hang-gliders really allow you to experience the sensation of flight without restrictions. End the road trip with a glorious kayak at sunset.

Choosing the right adventure campervan
Preparing for wild and adventure-packed itineraries such as these means that you will want to choose the right campervan that can handle all your gear, the rough roads as well as provide your fellow travellers with a good night sleep.

Britz’s Voyager and Venturer campervans are ideal for such adventure road trips.

The Voyager sleeps four people comfortably and has all the creature comforts such as a fridge, two-burner gas stove. It can easily fit all your gear whether that is a surfboard, a push bike or your fishing rods.

The Venturer also sleeps four with all the comforts however it also has complete bathroom facilities including a shower and a toilet. Furthermore, it contains an LCD screen and DVD player for those downtimes between adventures.

Now that you know what type of campervan traveler you are, an untamed Australia is just waiting for you to launch into a wild weekend of heart-thumping, adrenaline rushing activities, apply for a campervan quote with Britz now and enjoy a weekend away that you will never forget.

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