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  • Tips for your Tropical North Queensland trip
    The perfect setting for romance surely involves a deserted beach, star filled skies, an empty open road on the way to a lush rainforest and if time permits a decadent seafood feast. Check our tips now.
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  • Explore the Epic Cape York drive in a 4WD
    Exploring this drive in your 4WD travel along the Battlecamp Road, into Lakefield National Park and camp along the Normanby river – perfect for fishing.
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  • The Great Tropical Drive
    The Great Barrier Reef Drive from Cairns to Cooktown is one of Australia’s most spectacular coastline and scenic drives, hugging two World Heritage areas, the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics rainforest finishing up in the historic Cooktown.
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Tropical North Queensland has its own seasons, its own cuisine and its own way of life. Some visitors even believe it has its own language. They're kind of right too, those who are unaccustomed to the colloquialisms of the North have been known to struggle to keep up with conversation. Hopefully this guide will help you out during your visit to the North. You never know, it might even get you out of trouble.


Chuck a U-ey  

This one is good to know if you plan to spend some time on the road. It simply means do a U-shaped turn and drive back the way you just came.


She'll be right

Don't get confused and interpret this as a direction i.e. Chuck a right. It's a term of affirmation. It will be okay, everything is good.


Gone troppo

Seriously heavy humidity can take its toll. Going troppo describes the feeling just before the rain hits when everyone goes a bit crazy. Or just someone who's a bit crazy all the time.


Go walkabout

Tropical North Queensland is the perfect place to go walkabout. It involves disappearing, going for an adventure and getting off the grid.



There's plenty of good tucker up North. It means food and comes from the term bush tucker which is food collected and hunted in the wild.


Veg out

Vegging out is indulging in pure relaxation, a pastime you can really enjoy in Tropical North Queensland.


Togs/ cozis / bathers

These words all mean swimwear. You'd be mad to visit Tropical North Queensland without at least one of these.



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