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​​​​​Welcome to the home of 4WD camper road trips

The crew at Britz love a good 4WD adventure, and love helping people like you live yours and experience this incredible way of seeing Australia, from the red desert in Northern Territory through to the white sand and crystal clear waters of Tasmania.

Our three unique vehicles, the Scout 4WD, Outback 4WD​ and Safari Landcruiser 4WD​ are guaranteed to be under 6 months of age and are created with you in mind. All campers come with fridges to keep the drinks cold, camping chairs and table, storage for your gear, tents built for the Australian outdoors with sleeping mats and bedding – all perfect whether you’re travelling with mates, family or solo.

Our vehicles have everything you need, to find that untrodden beach, that perfect swimming hole, that hidden piece of history at the end of that track that leads to a place that you always knew was there - somewhere.

We’ve got years of road tripping experience (and stories to tell!) and with this collective expertise – we've got you covered at every turn. And we love hearing your stories.

A 4WD adventure gets you up close and personal with the real Australia; where locals will point the way to the unforgettable discoveries around every corner. Every trip is unique. Local knowledge, a bit of navigation and your own instinct will guide you as you live your own stories. Uncover stories that are begging to be told – or share your own around the campfire before packing up and moving on as the road beckons.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, searching for the best 4WD Camper deals, making your plans or ready to book - you’ve come to the right place. 

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