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​​​​​​Which 4WD Camper is right for you? 

Whether you’ve got an off-road outback adventure planned, or some long days to tick off all the Australian gems you want to visit – our 4WD vehicles will get you there.
All of our 4WDs sleep up to 5 people, and come with fridges to keep the drinks cold, quality Darche camping chairs, a picnic table, storage for your gear, linen and bedding, kitchen essentials including crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils, plus all general living gear you’ll need!
Choose between the manual Safari Landcruiser 4WD (suited to rugged off-road terrain), the fully automatic Outback 4WD (suited to off-road terrain, offering a more comfortable driving experience) or the brand new automatic Scout 4WD (suited to the off-road but offering the comfort of a full double bed inside the vehicle). All 4WDs are guaranteed under 6 months old and feature top-quality camping equipment from market-leader Darche. Pick your favourite, rally the crew and get ready to make some awesome roadtrip stories.​
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